My fellow pastors in India live without many of the things those of us in the United States consider ordinary, indoor running water for example. However, they do have "newer" technologies like cell phone, computers (some), and free internet access.

I found it amusing, while visiting India, that a typical home may not have a sink but will have a computer with unlimited internet. I took pictures of houses with concrete walls and floors with cell towers in the background.

Many American companies are investing huge amounts of money into India. The resulting technologies create an new opportunity for discipleship and evangelism.

What if pastors in the US did a little creative blogging with pastors in India?
What if e-discipleship relationships were formed on a large scale?
What if pastors from both countries collaborated on sermons or Bible studies?
What if pastors shared illustrations from their respective homes?
What about a collaborative blog between pastors also available to the congregations?

I know websites and e-mail could be used too, but blogs provide an interactive element that seems more relational.

Give it some thought. You might be an answer to someone's prayer?

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Frank said...

Pastor Taylor - thought you might be interested to know that I blogged about this post here on my blog.