BTK Killer

His name is Dennis Rader. I can't forget the name because I know a Dennis Rader from Florida. I've been a little surprised by how little has been reported on this. So far, from what I've gathered, Dennis lived in the same house on the same street in Wichita KS for the last thirty years. He went to church - served as a leader in his church - was a boy scout leader, and worked for ADT. He is married and has at least one daughter.

With the facts above in mind, how did this guy live in the same area for three decades without someone seeing something suspicious? From a pastor's perspective, how did Dennis appear so normal in his church for so many years? Did people see things and refuse to report? Did people write Dennis off as "unusual"? As this story unfolds will we learn that there were unreported warning signs?

Check out the link above to see what Mr. Rader's pastor had to say.

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