Drugs On Our Doorstep

Just got back from a week long "drug update" type conference. The title was "Drugs: On the Cutting Edge." Sounds dark for a pastor, don't you think? I now know more than I ever wanted to about dope, crack, meth, club drugs, and benzos.

Concern of the day: too many pastors seem oblivious to drug abuse in their communities. I mean, if you ask any pastor about drug abuse he will probably tell you there are drugs in the community, but if you press him for specifics he probably can't tell you one person who is abusing or what they are using. Too often pastors are insulated from the real addictions of people in the community.

Prescription drug abuse is a common problem among church folk. To take a prescription drug without a prescription is against the law. And, guess where many of the kids are making their drug connections? You guessed it - church.

Pastors: Get informed. Read up on the subject. Attend a conference. Find out what's going on in your area.

Church Members: How about letting your pastor attend a good conference for a few days? He might come back with a better understanding of what is happening in the community. Together you might find better ways to address the addictions that lead to crimes and brokenness in your community.

Church: To quote a long time addiction counselor, "I've never seen an addict recover without a spiritual component." Drugs or alcohol, it matters not, people don't get better unless they tap into the spiritual. Church, we hold the key.

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