King James Only

Ten years ago I thought this thorny issue would go away soon. I had just preached the morning service in a smaller, country church when the minister of music approached me and said, "I'm sure glad you preached from the King James Version." "If you had started reading from another version I would have got up and walked out with my family."

I'm glad he didn't walk out - he was sitting on the front row. That afternoon we had a good conversation about various versions of the Bible. In the end, he felt that good preaching came from the KJV. Preachers who used other versions were "misguided".

Somehow I really thought the KJV only issue would be gone by now. I'm sorry it's not. I grew up with the KJV and memorized many verses in that version. Today I study from many translations, and when I need to I look things up in Greek or Hebrew.

For those of you still fighting the KJV only battle, keep up the good fight. Bless our brothers and sisters who hold on with great zeal to the old KJV.

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Velcro said...

I am personally kind of tired of the KJV only folks. You would think that Jesus Himself read from it. I have found that I like the HCSB pretty good myself, and thank the Lord, I am in a church that doesn't mind.