Romans 1:14-16

Someone asked me what I was preaching tomorrow. Well, here it is. If it's helpful to you feel free to use it.

The Heart of the Matter
Romans 1:14-16

Paul reveals his heart in these verses...

1. A Burdened Heart (14).
- I am a debtor...
- To be in debt you must borrow or be entrusted with something valuable.

2. A Bold Heart (15).
- I am ready...
- Tradition says Paul was short, bald, bow-legged, and lacking in oratorical skill. Yet none of these kept him from wanting to preach in the heart of the Roman Empire.

3. A Believing Heart (16-17).
- I am not ashamed...
- Faith consists of three things...
- Knowledge, you must know the story of Jesus.
- Response, you must respond to God.
- Trust, you must place yourself in God's hands.

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