Have You?

Have you ever…
Smiled at a pretty face because you couldn’t help it?
Reached for a girl’s hand and watched her blush?
Or remembered the moment you first shook hands with the girl who would bear your children?

Have you ever…
Shared secrets in the dark?
Felt the world stop when you kissed your first love?
Or walked hand in hand through a field of winter rye?

Have you ever…
Seen the look on a new mom’s face as she placed her firstborn into her husband’s arms?
Or witnessed her agility as that baby learned to walk?
Or overheard a midnight lullaby from the bedroom?

Have you ever…
Cried with her when life’s disappointments seemed too much to bear?
Stood with her as her mother died?
Or held her hand as your mother left this world?

Have you ever…
Felt the pride of seeing your bride walk between two nearly grown sons?
Or held back the tears as she put the finishing touches on her daughter’s hair on Easter morning?
Or enjoyed the power of a kiss twenty years in the making?

If you have, then you understand…
Love is a risk worth taking.
Giving is what makes life meaningful.
Sharing the journey is far better than going alone.

You also know…
Pain is part of the package.
To really love means you also really hurt.
And even the pain makes you better.

And have you noticed…
How much you’ve changed?
How much they mean to you?
And how you would give anything for those you love?

And so three remain: faith, hope, and love…but the greatest of these is love.

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