Becoming His Beauty

As if I needed another reason to endorse Focus On the Family, straightforward articles like this, about the kinds of questions people really ask, hit the mark.

Becoming His Beauty
By Lysa TerKeurst

How do you become the beauty your husband wants to capture and never let go? How do you get him to be the man . . . the romantic man of your dreams? How do you get him to fix that leaking toilet and take out the trash without being asked?

You seduce him.

Ohmygoodness! (that's a southern expression I picked up from a dear friend of mine named Dolly and the only one appropriate after a sentence like that!)

I said it. Yes, Christian sisters of mine, you seduce him!

John Eldridge in his book, Wild at Heart, says, "I'm telling you that the church has really crippled women when it tells them that their beauty is vain and they are at their feminine best when they are 'serving others.' A woman is at her best when she is being a woman." He goes on to say that if a woman wants her man to do something she has several options. "She can badger him: All you ever do is work, work, work. Why don't you stand up and be a man? She can whine about it and in essence emasculate him: I thought you were a real man; I guess I was wrong. Or she can use all she is as a woman to get him to use all he's got as a man. She can arouse, inspire, energize . . . seduce him. Ask your man which he'd prefer."

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