Playing Chess With God

He never lets me win. Every time I think I make a good move he comes sweeping across the board from some unforeseen direction to ruin my plans. He has a simple, yet direct, strategy. First, he wipes out all my really good pieces. Then he slowly takes away my pawns. Soon I have nothing with which to attack or bargain. I’m left to run for my life, moving from check to check hoping beyond hope that his next move isn’t checkmate!

I get the distinct impression that he could take me at any moment. But he doesn’t. Instead he lets me run, but even then he positions himself so that I can only run where he wants me to go. Playing chess with God is not fun. But the alternative is…well you know.

The truth is he could have taken me out at the beginning of this game. He just didn’t want to. He wants to strip me of all my so called resources and get down to what it’s all about – what he wants to do with me.

I am reminded today that God likes to sneak up on people. He jumped Jacob while he was alone in the dark. He is that kind of player – he plays to win.

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