Surprised! Really!

Just when I think nothing in church life can surprise me anymore...along comes this article about a pastor (can I really call him that) from California who sold, yes he did, sold the church building and the rectory (that's a pastorium for you southern folks).

Apparently he did alright with the sale too. He came rolling through town on his new, black BMW and bought a new laptop. For all I know he used the laptop to buy the Beamer on Ebay :-) This guy was slick.

He spent six months in jail waiting for his trial, but get this, while in jail a murderer confessed to him and this pastor used the information to bargain his way to a plea agreement that included pleading guilty to embezzlement and having the other NINE charges dropped. Is this a great country or what?

Oh and there is more...the now waiting-at-home-till-my-sentencing pastor started blogging about his dealings. I refuse to post that link. Then he cut a book deal. Yes, he's going to publish a book about his life and exploits....and I do mean exploits.

To tie this story up a little, the church got their building back, but the investors who purchased the rectory still have it. The new pastor of the victimized church is living in a mobile home.

Lord forgive us for breaking trust and making a mockery of the faith we claim.

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