Bout With Gout

The old folks used to say they had "the gout." I never knew what that meant, except that it sounded bad. Well James Gillray got it right. His pic from 1799 is on the mark! The pain is unbelievable. Air hurts. A bed sheet hurts. And the pain only gets worse if you move, sit still, walk, elevate, or soak. I was constantly nauseated. And it lasted for six days!

Some say I'm lucky. They say "the gout" can last up to two weeks. They also say you never really get over it...only manage it. Whoopdedo.

My wife now has me on a special diet to help "manage" my issue. I'd tell you what I can't eat, but it's easier just to say, "If it tastes good I can't have it." She says if I am a good patient then my "episodes" may be few and far between. She has a point. I don't want to experience this pain anytime again soon.

One last word. Next time you hear an elderly person (or not so elderly) talk about having the gout, please give them every consideration. They need it.

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