Sky Candles

Each year around my birthday the night sky lights up in an impressive display - the Giminids put on their annual show. I like to think of it as my personal heavenly fireworks display. Plus, no one knows exactly where they came from. Some say an asteroid. Some say a meteor. All that's really known is that they are there, each year, predictably. The added bit of mystery just seems to fit me :-)

This year I turned 38. Not a milestone year by most folk's estimation, but it's important to me. It's the only one I get! So, about 10 PM I made my way outside to watch the southeastern sky. I was not disappointed. In a matter of minutes I had counted 11 nice "falling stars." Some were long, slow burners. Others were swift, brief streaks toward Miami. After number 11 I had a smile on my face and was ready to go inside. My wife said if we stayed a little longer we could count one "star" for every year of my life :-) Cool idea, but 11 was enough. I was impressed.

The sky was falling on the night of my birth. It falls again every year. It will still be falling long after I'm gone. I guess then I'll watch it from the other side. But until then I have people to love, places to see, and purposes to fulfill :-) Next time you see a "falling star" whisper a prayer for me...that I'll pack all the life I can into those days between the Giminids.

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