On Talking

Today was one of those days that reminded me of why I do what I do. I spoke to just over one hundred social workers in a conference. The topic was Stress Management. I enjoy doing conferences for several reasons, one being that the environment is so different than church. Communication outside the walls of the congregation provides its own challenges. And I like it.

The other main reason is influence. To have the opportunity to share with people that I otherwise would never even meet is a blessing. Today I spoke to people from all over south Alabama. Tonight they are making their way home and, most likely, telling someone what they heard in the conference today. Why do I think this? It's my observation. We laughed. Some cried. People actually stood in the back of the room to listen instead of leaving. When I've been on the receiving end of conferences like that I've always had stories to tell.

Which brings me back to my point. Sometimes I get paid to talk to people, like the training today. But the truth is I would do this without any payment, just for the opportunity to help make someone's life a little better. Or to frame this in more theological terms, to be a part of God's work.


Miss Peg said...

Stress management? Maybe I should have been at that conference...
And I'm sure those folks were motivated by what you had to say, you are an excellent speaker!

He Sorta Godly said...

Thank you. And stress management is a must when you are raising teenagers.