Not Like Nashville

This is the same storm that flooded Nashville and a good bit of Tennessee. Around my house we only had about three inches. Nashville had over thirteen inches. The damage there was a once in a lifetime event. A good article dealing with the media coverage and damage is "We are Nashville."

Last year my county had over thirteen inches of rain in two days. Millions of dollars in damages were done to roads, bridges, and homes. The only reason millions didn't become billions is because we don't have a Nashville in Houston county. Last week our local paper reported that the last bridge had been repaired from the previous year's flooding. In Geneva county, just west of Houston, there are roads that are still not passable.

I'm something of a weather watcher. For several days preceding the Tennessee floods I watched an endless stream of warm, gray clouds floating off the Gulf the Mexico and heading due north. I remarked to my wife that all that moister has to come down somewhere. It all came down in middle Tennessee.

There is an effort underway in Houston county to gather supplies for the relief effort in Nashville. Trucks are being loaded today. The people here know something about flooding, and we are sending supplies to go along with our prayers for the good folks of middle Tennessee. Be blessed.

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