Today was Day 1 of my late summer vacation. On facebook I see where my friends are doing things like going to the beach, taking a cruise, missiontating in Guatemala or Guadalajara or something like that. And while I applaud their efforts to rejuvenate and reinvigorate or whatever "ate" they are after, I spent the day like this:

~ Meandered out of bed and to the back porch for morning coffee about 7:30am.
~ Watched the dew dry, sipped coffee, and prayed until about 9:30am.
~ Fired up the weed eater, push mower, and riding mower for some home improvements till noon.
~ Took a cold shower and got ready for my semiannual dental cleaning at 1pm.
~ "Ministered" to a very nervous 50 something man in the dental waiting room. He kept rambling about a bad experience when he was in the sixth grade. Apparently it involved a needle being broken off in his gum. Frankly, I'm impressed the guy showed up to give any dentist another try.
~ Watched the Food Network while the experts scraped, polished, and flossed the only real teeth I'll ever have.
~ Went to a late lunch with my wife at one of our favorite restaurants. We moved this establishment down on or list because someone was playing what sounded like Korean 80's sitcom music. And the waitress refilled my tea with tea, ice, and one south Alabama fly :-( Believe it or not, I can get over the fly faster than the music.
~ Took my wife to check out a new clothing store she heard about. She liked it.
~ Drove out to the community college to pick up my daughter and one of her friends.
~ Went home and took an afternoon nap!
~ Woke up to a nice summer thunderstorm, then went back to my nap.
~ Had pizza for dinner. My son Daniel purchased pizza for the whole family with his own money. Wow.
~ Spent the last hour of daylight sitting on the back porch watching hummingbirds dart around the feeder.
~ Now I'm blogging, but I'm about to be off to an evening of Family Movie Night.

Not bad for Day 1 of vacation. Blessings.

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