Busy Is My Normal

It wasn't that long ago that I blogged about how I managed my time as a bivocational pastor. It wasn't in great detail, but I do think I got the point across. Well, lately I've taken it up a notch. I've been called up to the big leagues with my "day job" and the time crunch has increased.

Of course this cuts into my blogging. But what can I say? As important as writing/blogging are to me there just aren't enough hours in the day to sit down and write the way I want to. It's a priorities thing. I'm not going to short my family, church, or work in order to blog. But never fear! I will keep blogging.

In the spirit of full disclosure, there are some things that just shouldn't be posted. I've been involved in some of those things lately, things that are not appropriate for this blog (or any). But stay with me, friends. If you only "see" me here things may get a bit sparse between now and Christmas. But I promise you this...I will keep it coming.

I'm a blogger living in a status update world.

A woman broke into our house this week looking for meds. They caught her. I hope she gets some help.

The new position at work is great. The people are pleasant, talented, and fun to be around.

Homecoming is Sunday and the oven quit last night. Some of you will get that.

I heard there will be no Facebook or cell phones in heaven. Can I "like" that?

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