For Prayer

Tonight Pastor Sam from India called. He told me of a need. Currently, the church has a "roadside church" near an important Hindu sight. The church is meeting in a temporary "building" near the Hindu holy sight. The church does not own the land. As some of you know, this means the church cannot construct a permanent building because they do not own the property.

Sam told me they would like to purchase the property and asked me to consider the matter and pray with him about it.

Currently the needs are for 6K dollars for the property and another 3k for the annual support of another five pastors ($600 per year).

The property is an issue that just came about. I've been seeking support for the five pastors for several months now.

This blog is another way of letting people know what is going on. If you want to contact me about it just email me at tmhodges@juno.com.

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