Creation vs Evolution Debate

Tonight I attended a debate on the topic of Creation vs. Evolution. It was held at the Dothan Opera House. The place was packed. Maybe it was the topic? Maybe it was the free admission? I don't know? But they had to turn folks away. A bus from Tallahassee had to load back up and go find a place to eat because there was absolutely no space in the place. The moderator of the debate estimated the crowd at 800. Not bad for a Tuesday night in LA :-)

Evolution was represented by Mr. Rick Pierson, a local college professor. One of his undergraduate degrees is in computer programing. His computer wouldn't work at the beginning of his presentation. I found that funny. Creation was espoused by Dr. Robert Center from Atlanta, which was funny because I didn't know anyone in Atlanta still believed in creation…like it's a mission field or something.

To be honest, the debate was something of a disappointment. The speakers made their points, but their deliveries were lacking. I expected the debate to have more spunk…a more persuasive tone…I wanted to hear an Assembly of God preacher with a laptop and a new suit. What I got was more in line with nerds on antidepressants.

The debate did settle some things for me. I left absolutely convinced that evolutionists still can't express their veiws in terms the common man can understand. Just one word…pseudogenes…what the heck is that? Even Wikipedia can't tell you without 20 footnotes. I also left with the conviction that the best points of evolutionary theory "create" the strongest case for creationism.

Perhaps the highlight of the night was the atmosphere of acceptance in honest dialoge. Allowing both sides to be heard is one of the strengths of my nation. Tonight I saw that demostrated with a subject that many people feel passionate about on both sides. I felt a bit of pride witnessing the freedom America affords…a freedom that grows out of the distinctly Christian belief that all people have the ability to choose.

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