My Idea of Christmas Shopping

I found a new place to shop online :-) Some of you already know I have a thing for handmade things from around the world. Whenever I travel I MUST buy gifts of the handmade variety. It's like taking home a piece of the place.

So I was delighted to find Ten Thousand Villages. TTV is a nonprofit that specializes in bringing handmade products, mostly from third world countries, to the United States. The organization is a great example of the leveling power of technology. Use of the internet allows artisans from villages big and small to share their wares in the big boy market. And I just like that idea. This week I purchased items from Kenya, Indonesia, and India….and think….I didn't need my passport, or ride in a rickshaw, or eat goat. Very cool.

So this is my not-so-veiled attempt at unsolicited promotion. If you like exotic gifts, or have someone who is hard to buy for, or just want to help a great cause, check out TTV. If you spend over $100 the shipping is free :-)

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