Ask and You Shall Receive

My daughter has been in three pageants this fall. In each one she finished 1st runner up. I thought that was great, but she was disappointed by the third pageant. She told me she would keep going until she won a crown. Determined would be a good word for her attitude.

Today I went back to church early for a meeting. My daugter and wife went to watch a pageant so that my daughter could look and learn. During the pageant they learned that no one had entered the teen category. My daughter asked who was in charge, walked over to introduce herself, and asked to represent their program at the state level. And just like that she became Teen Miss Circle City Forestry. When I walked to the pulpit tonight and looked up I saw my daughter sitting on the back pew, they arrived late, wearing her crown. I'm sure the church forgave my momentary loss of words.

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