Where Ya Been?

For the three people who actually read this blog :-) I've been wrapped up lately. Just a few more weeks of class and those kind folks down at UCF are going to bestow on me the MNM degree. MNM...get it...I know I'm not the only one who thinks that's funny :-) It's really Master of Nonprofit Management.

My oldest son graduated last week. So you should at least give me a pass for that week. I mean, how was I suppose to blog with all that activity going on??? His mom and I were sweating it out wondering if he was really going to get a diploma :-) Seemed like he spent most of his senior year playing Wii or XBox or fishing...anything but going to class.

Truth is we are so proud of him we don't know what to do with ourselves. He had a great "high school career" and I'm sure he will miss some of what he called school. But life is lived looking forward, and we anticipate many good things in his future.

So I'll do better next week. Promise.

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