Swamp Lilies

I grow these. That makes me cool :-) A friend gave me the bulbs this spring. When the flowers bloomed I had no idea what they were. Then I took a picture and shared it with an "older" lady from Panama City. She took one look, laughed, and told me what I had were Swamp it was the most common flower in the world. This picture is from my back yard, right off the porch. I have no idea if the plant will bloom just this once or will continue, but it's beautiful now.

This is the view from the back porch before the Swamp Lilies flowered. They are on the right...the long, green mother-in-law tongue looking plants :-)

My family sometimes makes fun of me for spending so much time in the yard, but I really enjoy it. In fact, it's the ONLY time that everyone leaves me to myself. On a related note, I found a used Craftsman Lawnmower, 19hp, for $250 recently. I couldn't pass it up, so I now have two riding mowers. I'm giddy. I ride one for a while...then I swap out to the other's great. On the 4th of July I duct taped an American Flag to the hood of one of my mowers, like a hood ornament, and mowed the front lawn in celebration of our national independence. I know...I'm the coolest person you know :-) Maybe I'll post a pic of my flag flying mower soon???

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