Daily D - Kudos for the Meek

Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.
Matthew 5:5

I prefer the New American Standard translation of the Bible. But this verse is an example that makes me want to break out my KJV from back in the day. Older versions tend to translate “gentle” as “meek,” and there is something about the meek inheriting the earth that the word gentle just doesn’t convey to me.

The word in question here is praus, Greek for meek. If you study these things you will find that my preferred version of the Bible always translates praus as gentle, and even though I’ve expressed my opposition I doubt “they” are going to retranslate this verse anytime soon :-(

So just go with me here...the meek will inherit the earth. The first interpretation I ever heard concerning this verse said that meek means “great strength under control.” After many years of personal devotions, study, Bible college, seminary, and graduate school I still can’t find a better definition.

Who are these blessed meek souls who inherit the earth? They are the ones who do not trust in their own strength. The souls who know who owns it all. Their power is in their gentleness. They do not need to make their way. Like the wind they could bring great destruction, but they blow soft on their world. Like medicine they could take life, but instead they bring healing. They are tame and broken; willingly accepting what is given to them from above. They know to whom they belong, and they know what belongs to Him. They shall inherit all.

Lord, I want to rest in the blessing of your will and your ways.

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