I've really enjoyed the Proverbs of the Bible the last few weeks. I don't why I'm gravitating toward these miscellaneous words of wisdom from the ancient world, I just am.

Some years ago I did a similar thing. Only back then I was interested in what the Proverbs had to say about money. I took a green highlighter and marked every verse that had something to do with money or wealth. I found that you really can't turn a page in the Proverbs without finding at least one verse that deals with money matters. Try it, if you have your doubts :-)

The Proverbs are so up to's unnerving and encourging at the same time. The relevancy springs from the fact that people, at our deepest level, have not changed. Today, people still struggle with the same destructive inclinations as the ancients. Maybe, like the ancients, we will also look to the source of true wisdom. Below I am posting three verses that have meant something to me this week. 

The slack hand impoverishes, but the hand of the diligent enriches.
-- Proverbs 10:4

Hatred stirs up disputes, but love covers all offenses.
-- Proverbs 10:12

The lips of the just know how to please, but the mouth of the wicked, how to pervert.
-- Proverbs 10:32

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Sean said...

Hey friend I've never seen,

I'm enjoying some of Dr. Russell Moores teachings on the proverbs at

He's my favorite Bible teacher.