Coffin Craft

I'm 100% for giving serious thought to the brevity of life. My mother used to say that it's good to make all major decisions in a cemetery. And even though she didn't mean that literally, it's always a good idea to consider the long range implications of immediate choices. If I have to live with the consequences of my choices and will eventually answer for all I've done (which I believe), then decisions, especially big decisions, deserve the effort.

Now, seriousness aside....Grady, see below, has taken the whole brevity thing to a new level :-)

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Grady Hunter is getting a head start on his last trip. He's made his own coffin. His handiwork is so good, he's won a blue ribbon in this year's crafts and hobbies competition at the North Carolina State Fair. His casket is crafted from hard-rock maple and Brazilian cherry. He also carved his signature into the wood with a router. Hunter says he'll pin pictures of his son, daughter and grandchildren, inside the lid. The 75-year-old Hunter doesn't expect to be using his prize-winning coffin anytime soon. He tells the News & Observer of Raleigh that his health is good, despite some previous problems.



Bill Stanley said...

What a story Taylor, I bet he'll start getting requests to build other coffins for people now that the story has broke. Have you seen the stories and pictures of the coffins people order that match their favorite sports team? Wierd huh? Talk about being a fan to the end. I hope I'm remembered more for the good I've done for people rather than the huge Florida Gator fan I am.

Bill Stanley said...

Another quick thought: Your C.S. Lewis quote on your page fits well with today's topic.

"Nothing not even what is lowest and most bestial, will not be raised again if it submits to death."

Pastor Taylor said...

I have a feeling you'll be remembered for way more than your Gator Mania :-)