Storm Damage

This morning I woke up to one of the worst thunderstorms I can remember. I would say it's in my Top Five of ALL Time. It was about 5:30, before sunrise, and the room looked like someone had turned on a strobe light. Constant thunder and pelting rain were my first coherent thoughts. 

We've had enough death and damage in this area due to weather in the last few years to pretty much ruin me on thunderstorms. There was a time when I would would relax and enjoy a good storm. Now they leave me anxious. I track them online while listening to the latest updates on local TV. I know...I'm a geek...

You may have heard it said that there are two kinds of people you must watch out for: those who have nothing to lose...and those who have everything to lose. When it comes to thunderstorms/tornadoes/hurricanes, I'm in the latter category.

Below are two pictures we took at my house this afternoon. The first is a tree in my back yard and the second is my neighbor's detached garage...or what is left of it.

Be safe.

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Anonymous said...

I'm agreeing with Donna's and my conversation after viewing the pictures. Y'all had a low grade tornado go through your yard. It is just my thoughts. love ya cindy