These are the impressions I took away from the Brotherhood Breakfast meeting this morning. They will/should be edited in the future. Here is the raw data:

What if our prayers for awakening/revival are being answered with a purification of the church?

What if the cultural shift away from church participation leaves us with the people who really want to be there?

What if God is allowing ministers/ministries opportunities to see that more activity is not the answer?

What if God is slowly taking away a generation of program focused, business model, entertainment based, works righteousness people, those who hold a form of godliness but deny the power?

I've noticed two kinds of legalistic preachers. The first kind have hammers and are not afraid to use them. The second kind are likable and sincere. They really believe that if you work hard enough God will bless, very Old Testament.

Are we not living in the "difficult times" described in Second Timothy chapter three?


Kristin Tanner said...

Very timely post for me to read.

He Sorta Godly said...

Pastor Mark Anderson was speaking at our breakfast from the book of James. We were blessed.