Telugu Translation

My blog can now be read in Telugu. I love this feature from Blogger because I've been partnering with Telugu pastors in central India since 2003. Regular readers of this blog and Facebook friends already know this. Please remember that any comment you post here can be read by pastors and others in India.

India is a country of contrasts. In Sircilla, my Indian home, broadband internet is available to anyone with a computer, but a city water system is non existent. People pump their daily water from wells. Cell phone towers can be seen from the rooftops of Sircilla homes, but you will not find paved roads. It's as if technology has skipped a few steps.

A group of pastors meet weekly in Sircilla for Bible study, prayer, and encouragement. Until now my only contact with these brothers has been though the occasional trip to India or email. But the broadband infrastructure is changing the landscape of fellowship and ministry. These are exciting times for churches and believers that want to "go" to the ends of the earth.

This week I can call into the Monday pastors meeting. The call will be as clear and as cheap as if I were dialing my wife's cell phone. With the wonders of Skype I'll be able to see the pastors as we dialogue. Through blogs and wikis we can share and teach and learn from one another.

These are exciting times, as I've said, and any church of any size can engage in ministry around the world. The only real question is, "Where is the Spirit leading you?"

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